When Qualitative Trumps Quantitative: A Better System, March 4, 2013

A common challenge we hear when presenting the results of our research is “How can you make this recommendation with any confidence when you only talked to 18 people?” Well, how many participants does it take to build empathy?

The Audience You Didn’t Know You Had: Contents Magazine, Issue No. 2, March, 2012

People with low literacy skills have always been part of our audience. They’ve always needed their information presented clearly, plainly, and simply so they can succeed in understanding and using it.

Testing Content: A List Apart, December 14, 2010

Nobody needs to convince you that it’s important to test your website’s design and interaction with the people who will use it, right? But if that’s all you do, you’re missing out on feedback about the most important part of your site: the content.

Whether the purpose of your site is to convince people to do something, to buy something, or simply to inform, testing only whether they can find information or complete transactions is a missed opportunity: Is the content appropriate for the audience? Can they read and understand what you’ve written?

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