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Tools for Conducting an Accessibility Review

There are no automated tools that will identify all the accessibility barriers on a web page. You have to open the hood and look at the code to see whether there are problems that may trip up a screen reader user, someone with low vision, or someone with a motor impairment who doesn’t use a mouse. In this post, I list the tools I use to conduct accessibility reviews. Continue reading

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Travel Sites Use “Click Here” More Now Than in 2007

Travel blogger Alex Bainbridge found that UK travel sites used “click here” on 1.71% of their pages in 2007. I found that it’s gone up to 3.10% in 2009. Continue reading

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Click Here for More Information

There are plenty of reasons not to use the phrase “click here” as link text. It’s not accessible! It’s not usable! It’s a huge missed opportunity for your search engine rankings! So why is it still so pervasive on the Web? Continue reading

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