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Confab Workshop on Content Measurement

Thanks to the 54 people who attended our sold-out workshop, Content Measurement: Essential Techniques for Measuring Your Content’s Success, at Confab 2012. Christine Perfetti and I put together a Content Measurement Readlist of that contains many of the resources we … Continue reading

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Hipster Whining, or How Not to Do an Expert Review

The way you present the findings from an expert review of a client’s web site is at least as important, if not more so, than the findings themselves. If done poorly, the constructive criticism you offer will, at best, be … Continue reading

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Readability Resources

When we evaluate a web site’s usability, we’re often focusing on the interface: how easily users find information and complete critical tasks. But unless you test whether users can read, understand and use the site’s content, you’re getting an incomplete picture. Here are links to many of the resources mentioned in my presentation on Determining Readability at the UPA 2010 conference. Continue reading

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